Welcome to Skulduggery Answers. What would you like to know?

HI GUYS!!!!!!!! i just kind of like edited this page like 2 senconds ago and u peeps came here to find out what font the skulduggery pleasant font is soooo... I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!! 

It is... ( promise u won't tell anyone) A font called.. ( drumroll please ) OUTWRITE!!! yes, i know doesent sound ANYTHING like a skulduggery pleasant font but; hey ho. Go onto... a website called "Dafont" chose "typewriter" and go onto page 7. scroll down and it is there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOILA!!!!!!! I saved ur life!!!!! ok fine i'll go.... 1 joke?

Me: Knock Knock

friend: Whos there?

Me: the interupting sheep

Friend: the interu . . .


gosh people keep ur spirits up!!!

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